At Papaya Homestay Sa Dec, we offer a range of activities that are not only fun, but educational as well. Our tours and cooking classes will introduce you to the local way of life, and take you into parts of the Mekong Delta that are far away from the normal tourist trail. Read below for further details. 

Being fed Longan Fruit

Morning Boat Tour (Markets, Food, and Farms)

Our signature activity at Papaya Homestay Sa Dec is our morning boat tour.

We board our boat in front of the homestay and take a relaxed trip through different rivers sizes in the Mekong Delta, where we watch the morning rituals of the rivers. 

Our first stop is a local market where we wander through the stalls seeing the various Vietnamese produce available. We will have a chance to have some local breakfast, a strong Vietnamese coffee, and try some local snacks.

After the market, we get back on our boat and head to the family fruit and fish farm. Here we will walk through the fruit farm and pick different fruits, depending which are in season.

These can include longan, dragon fruit, mango, pomelo, papaya, just to name a few. Save your stomach for all the fruit you can eat.

After an early lunch, we hop back on the boat and head back to the homestay. 

Tour details:

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $25 p.p.
Includes: Breakfast, coffee/tea, snacks, fruit, and a bottle of water.

Photos from previous tours

Cooking Classes and Demonstrations

We offer daily cooking classes and demonstrations in our open-air kitchen. Dishes range from spring rolls, fresh rolls, bo la lot, through to lemongrass chicken and banh xeo. We also take you through the process of making coconut milk from the coconuts in our garden.